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Ban Smoking Around St. Vincent de Paul Playground

Hey there Key Clubbers!
Many of you who have volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul might already know that the conditions of the kid’s playground is very unhealthy due to residents smoking around that area. Playtime is very important to the kids but we cant let them keep on playing when second-hand smoke is so dangerous! Key Clubbers, please help us ban smoking around the playground area by writing a petition letter to:

Father Joe
St. Vincent de Paul Village
3350 E Street
San Diego, California 92102

Turn in the letters to Monica Lin. These will be given to the staff at the reception office.
Keep in mind that these are business letters, so use the correct format. If you need additional help on how to compose a business letter visit http://www.office.xerox.com/small-business/resources/writing-effective-business-letter/enus.html

Tip: don’t forget to include your name. But use the school address instead of your own.

Monica Lin
Key Club Montgomery High
3250 Palm Avenue
San Diego, California 92154

thank you!

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Alright so, on sunday June 1st, Montgomery key clubbers had went to their first marathon event. We all had to wake up early in the morning cause we were expected to be there at 3:30 a.m. Let me tell you once i saw them walking towards the van about ready to go ALL of them looked so excited and ready to represent MOHKEYCLUB. Once we arrived, we checked in then walked to the banana and water table. Heydie, Diana, and Pedro were at the banana side, and Monica, Melissa, and crystal at the water side. All of us were having the funest of times, that time went by so fast we didn’t even notice the sun was about to rise. But now that it got clearer for us to see other people. We saw so many elvis fans, that they even dressed like him hahaha. even some girls too. We even met some key clubbers. i think it was Division21. whoooot!! GO KEY CLUB! ^0^ As hours flew by there was so much laughter! Finally at about 6:35 the MARATHON had began and there were sooooo many people, that they weren’t all gone until couple min later. No not 3 or 5 min but almost 10 min until they disappeared. So it was time to clean up. bring back all the water to the ups trucks, and get the posters and tents folded to get ready for the finish line. Ms. Carballo our key club advisor had told us that the manager loved us<3 YAYY!!! and that he wanted us to come again next year to help out, cause the other people had left, but we didn’t we were true key clubbers and stayed to help out till everything was done and set. The thing is we had fun cleaning up. We gave some little kids from st. vincent de paul piggy back rides, their smiles made us happy and felt warm inside. But unfortunatley we had to leave. awww ;~; we had so much fun we didn’t wanna go. but we had to. So as the drive back home we were all dead in the car fast asleep hahaha. a good sleep is what key clubbers get & we were proud of ourselves. We hope we can do it again next year!

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